Meet the Owner|Founder of Peace Organics

Meet the owner, creator and mad scientist behind Peace Organics:

Hello, my name is Chrissy. I'm the mother of 4 beautiful, wild boys. Before becoming a mother, I never really thought much about the products I was using on a daily basis.

I purchased what looked pretty or what was cleverly advertised, never asking about the ingredients contained in the products, or if they were good for me. After having my boys, I began reading labels more and inquired further into the ingredients used in the products I considered.

I wasn't pleased with what I found. I wasn't comfortable using chemical-based products on my precious baby boys or myself for that matter. I began making my own products because I knew what I did and did not want in them. I spent years perfecting my recipes and finding the best ingredients for each product I could.

I decided I would share my knowledge and self-made products to those who, like me are tired of chemically-laden products. I'm excited to share with you my 100% pure, organic products for children, men and women. I hope they bring you the enjoyment and peace they have for myself and the ones I dearly love.


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