Zen Candle Votive Set

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This is a perfect meditation and relaxation candle set. This is a trending gift! Each 2 ounce all natural votive candle has been filled with premium aromatic American grown soy wax that will bring inner peace, spiritual balance and clear your mind of stress.

Peace Organics only uses organic hemp wicks instead of toxic, pesticide-rich cotton, so the candles burn clean and are safe for the entire household.

Your New Candle Set Will Include:

ZEN - Lavender Votive

INNER PEACE - Lavender Votive

BREATHE - Lavender Votive

SWEET DREAMS - Lavender Votive

Relax while enjoying the romantic glow of light through the frosted glass and breathe in the therapeutic scents.

♥ Vegan
♥ Cruelty Free
♥ Non-GMO Soy wax
♥ Natural Hemp Wick
♥ Handmade in the USA
♥ Expertly Packaged and Shipped
♥ Ingredients and Supplies Come from Small Local Businesses
♥ Scented with a Blend of Pure Essential Oils and Premium Fragrance OilS


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Zen Candle Votive Set
Zen Candle Votive Set
Zen Candle Votive Set